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Had Problems With Club Toyota

jay dh

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my parents have had problems with club toyota for a month or so. this is due to problems with my dads 1999 1.0 cdx yaris. the dealer cant find the problem with it after 2 months. they keep suggesting problems but none are actually fixing the car. the bills have run up and my parents arnt happy.

they spoke to club toyota to liase with the garage to only help find the problem with the car for sure and sort this all out. club toyota failed to reply to us the 1st time, then they replied and didnt answer the questions we asked, which doesnt help. the garage still cant find out what the problem is with the car and club toyota still arnt liasing with us and the garage properly.

car issue -

for those that dont know, the car is juddering at any speed at intermitant times in any gear. its had 2 new ecu sensors, new spark plugs Oil etc, new cat, and a couple of other things that i cant remember

it is beyond a joke and my parents are very angry about it, so much so my dad is gona sell the car but wants to fix all this 1st.

questions -

is there someone else we can go to about this?

has anyone else had a problem similar to this?



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we know club toyota dont repair cars, i didnt say they did.

we want club toyota to liase with the garage and us to find the problem with the car. they should push the garage to do more for us.

another garage (toyota or not) will need to be explained the whole situation which isnt short

ill find toyota GB details, good point


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