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1996 Camry


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<_< I have a 1996 Toyota Camry with a 4 cylinder, auto transmission.

The engine will sometimes just stop during normal driving conditions. It doesn't matter if you have been driving for a while or not. When it stops, you can still turn over the engine, but won't start till you let it sit for a couple of minutes.

I have had the spark plugs & timing belt replaced, but that didn't help. When its running everything is fine!!!

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u may have a faulty ignitor... check ur distributor cap as well new plugs wont do any good if they wont spark... may wanna check everything involved ur coil and plug wires as well... but my best bet is the ignitor might be heating up and something is wrong...

is there any precursor when the engine is about to die??? does it happen when it's too hot??? more info would be great


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My 1992 Camry would randomly die, most often when accelerating from a stop. After replacing everything imaginable, the problem was found. Bad engine temperature sensor. At a certain temperature, it put out bogus data to the computer, which adjusted everything wrong and stalled the engine. A few minutes later, as the engine temp changed, the sensor worked and the car would start. Good luck!

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