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Paseo Strut Brace


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omp do one mate, apparently you have to use a aftermarket airfilter tho, as it wont fit with the existing airbox.

think you can get it off ebay for £45, think the seller is called "strutbracer"

how is the seo in comparisin to zaras starlet anyway? any quicker? handle better?


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check into freedom design. they made my strut bar, and it fits quite well. do watch out in the rain though, because the limited body roll means more sliding.

even with the panel filter, the stock intake is restrictive, and won't net you as much high end as a new pipe and conical filter.

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i believe the cusco one will fit WITH the airbox in place, as it shares the part number with the 1st gen item, which curves infrount of the intake manifold unlike the omp one....

and you sure its a 1995 si? cause england only got the 1996 - 1999 paseo's, the 2nd gen cynos was released in 1995...

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