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Hello All ,

Here are some shots of the boot floor area of my corolla lift back 98, can anyone tell me if its supposed to look like this, as I suspect it probably isn’t. I suspect that the vehicle may have been involved in some sort of rear end shunt prior to my purchasing the vehicle although the dealer denies this..

I noticed this when I decided I was going to wax-oyl the rear of the car, which is the black substance you can see.

Any comments would be appreciated.



Ps If anyone could post any pictures of the boot area of their car it would help .

[iM G]http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b297/albi969/DCP_0836.jpg




pps had the car checked with carwatch uk no adverse history recorded

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my corolla boot floor is the same has that if it's had a shunt up the rear you will find the plastic boot pannels dont fit right has the screw holes will be out of alignment. I had a rover that was hit up the rear end and it was lined when it came back has what can only be described has fiber glass and the plastic trim in the boot kept commin off has the holes where out of alignment, also the rear bumper did not sit correct nor did the tailgate sit flush. Also if its had a shunt wash the car then look at it in the sun light is there a colour differnce between tail gate colour and rest of car, failing sunlight a security light will show a colour difference up.

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I have a 1998 GS (3dr) which I know the full history from new of; whose boot floor looks same as yours (although mines a different colour and unused/mint spare wheel)

Your boot floor looks correct (Toyota are not that 'tidy' when it comes to presentation/paint finish of boot floor :wacko: ), so just keep waxoiling

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Thanks for the replies every one and to londoner for the photos , just thought the area looked a little bit ropey , and have had probs with water getting behind lights although i solved that with clear sealant round the black trim on rear of light lenses.



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