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Yaris Led Tail Lights


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Brand new Yaris LED tail lights for sale. Made in Japan, these high quality units will fit both the P1 and P2 Yaris, though not recommended for P2 T-Sports.

I can now offer these at £180 a set (£10 p&p if you need it delivered).



P.S. Clarky, if i'm able to get rid of these then you can have 20 quid back. :thumbsup:

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Why the drop in price mate? :huh:

They can't be taking up that much room!!! :blink:

Well i realise that people are not willing pay the price i got them over to the uk at since there were so much interest but not many takers. So i took the risk in having 2 additional units brought over to me tax free from my friend in order to reduce the price of my initial purchase. So they are at a reduced price, but i have 2 additional units.

They are not really taking up too much room, but the problem is i need to sell these before i am able to purchase other mods for my car.

Hope this clears things up.


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so your willing to rip the first buyers off and give the new buyers a bargain?

I'm sorry but i'm not "ripping" anyone off or i would not have offered to give them the refund. Also it "did" cost me £200 to import these and if they were sold then i wouldn't have had to ask a friend who was on holiday to bring additional units back in order to reduce the total cost.

If you think of it from my perspective i imported these not for profit (though you've made me sound like a con), but because like so many people i wanted these lights and have waited months and months with no progress until i decided to find them myself and get some imported for the people who are interested.

But once i finally get them, people loose all interest because of the cost of these. OK, fine i admit these are not cheap and if you cant afford them or cant justify it in your mind to buy it then fine. But dont insult me by calling my a con!

At the end of the day from what started as an enthusiastic attempt to get these has turned into a struggle to minimise the loss i am facing on these. And a bitter one at that too!

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And while Im here ... the lights are well worth the money. The are a peice of poo to install and fit perfectly. When I met Phil we fitted them in literally two minutes in the middle of a carpark.

Even Earpl likes them ... this guy is offering a good deal.

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