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I've got an Access database that logs helpdesk calls & automaticaly generates e-mails to the user.

my problem is that due to Outlooks security patch i recieve an error message saying "a program is trying to send e-mail on your behalf"

does anyone know a patch for this??


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There's a plugin type thing that's meant to sort that, but its never worked on mine (for the interface between Outlook and our quality management softrare...)

I just answer "Yes" and then "No" to all the other questions...


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You need Redemption. :D

Seriously - google Outlook Redemption. Check out info by Sue Mosher too. Freeware version is OK, but really you should buy the enterprise version - though I recall it's about $99 to install it on every PC in your company.

I wrote an Outlook based Workflow system a while back and needed to use Redemption to get round this issue.


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2003 does my bean in, everytime you change your login pass at work everyone has to retype their email pass :ffs:

which everyone forgets... :ffs:

part of the extended security stuff MS goes on about all the time i gather :rolleyes:

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