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Selling A Private Plate

jay dh

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i have a private plate on retention and i want to sell, but the companies ive asked about it will put it on their database and i wont get any money until they sell it which could be ages.

does anyone know a company that buys them straight out? i have seen another i want so also if a company does a swap that will do

i will try ebay but wana get round a fee if poss



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I can't think of any companies that will.. -if yopu find one please tell us!!!!

Stick it on Ebay with a decent opening bid (don;t use a reserve, they cost loads!)

I am also selling one....

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they only buy mega cool ones - i am selling two x1 gym and x11 gym and noone will buy them outright got them on the websites that sell them for u - e bay they are going for pence - wud not botha with that unless they are very cherished !!!!

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yeh Jay it depends if your jay preceeds a number or is after one - eg x1 jay would not be worth a lot whereas jay 1 or jay 20 etc would be worth loads - i paid £4k for both mine and i will be lucky to get £2k for em both !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good luck if u find anywhere gud let us know :thumbsup:

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