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£300 Of Speed


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hi Guys, im new, as you may have guessed,,,, and just brought a Red Yaris Tsport last week and in only got about £300 to spend on parts at the mo .....!!

wot i wanted to know was wot can i do which will only cost me £300, which will give me the most power. i know £300 is a bit lame..... :unsure:

but that all a can afford at the moment.......!!!!!!

Thanks guys


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Air filter for about 150... erm... mite get a backbox for roughly the same but your not gonna do to well on upping the power

although.. for £s to BHP's a second hand nitrous kit should set you aaround that :yes:

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ull probably notice sod all from induction kit, some claim more responsive, its more for noise factor! ur talking 1 or 2 bhp realistically

for 300 pounds ur not going to make the car much faster at all only noise really, i spent 1k on the yaris, induction kit, manifold, sports cat/mid secition and back box and mine only went up 14 bhp

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Thanks guys.... i will consider that, but much should i lower it?? without making the archs rub.????

and i want to tint the front....is it still legal ...???

and how much should i pay for the tints ??

Lower it 30mm or 40mm and if you have the standard alloys on or even 16's you should be fine!

Yip, illegal to tint the fronts but you may get away with a very light tint and tints all round should be about the £200 mark. :thumbsup:

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