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Ae-92 Interference Whistle.....

Unity Jon

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In the past a few people have asked how to stop the 'whistle' you get in ae92's when you fit an aftermarket head unit, i've yet to pull apart a stock head unit to see the stock suppressor, but it must be a pretty good one......

In the past i cured my 'whistle' with a simple bodge, i took a piece of tin foil and wrapped it around the car wiring loom that sits behind the stereo and comes from the engine bay i then pushed a screw through the foil and into the firewall to earth the foil, this works pretty well but is a real bodge. :eek:

just recently i fitted a new mp3/wma headunit B) and though i'd take the foil away....big mistake, its whisltling really loud now..... :huh:

instead of refitting the foil i though i'd try out the proper solutions... i went and bought a big ***** suppressor and fitted it into the power feed to the stereo...guess what... no %$(ing difference, so i pulled the aerial lead out of the head unit as this can sometimes be the source of interference but it made no difference, so i dug out the wiring diagram for the car and stared for a while......

the noise changes as you accelerate which narrows it down to either tacho or speedo right ? the speedo is cabel operated so it cant be that so i looked at the tacho. In the drivers side foot well there is a fuse (no. 13) for 'guages' and if you remove it all the guages are killed, so i did, with no tacho there was still the !Removed! whistling noise.

i was getting a bit disheartened by now and for a laugh i removed the fuse (no.6) labelled 'engine' to see what would happen....

i though it may kill the car altogether, but it didn't, only the whistle stopped !!!!???? i couldn't believe it and was a little weary, what did this fuse/circuit do ? after re-checking the diagrams it turns out this fuse is for the 'charge circuit' and provides feed to the little 'battery' light and also the Volt meter, now i could leave it out all the time and hope i never have any charging issues, but thats not me so I will remove my suppressor from the stereo input and wire it into the charge circuit (large yellow wire from alternator) to see how this goes as soon as i get some time.

!Removed! thing. :rolleyes:

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well i wired the suppressor into the yellow wire from the alternator and it made no difference :huh:

will try the coil tonight then, if that fails, i'll try replceing one of the dodgy looking cheap rca leads i have and if that fails its back to earthing the foil round the wires :o

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