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lol - just reminded me of an "incident" i had before christmas in the clio - came off a roundabout too quick, looked at the road and it was very greasy/shiney - felt the car sliding towards the far kerb big style.. so i lifted off the throttle which i knew was gonna cause me to spin!

Anyway i went over a kerb and down a very steep bank and through the 6ft fence at the bottom and landed in someones garden, done no damage at all except a scuff on the bumper and a bent standard rim.. so i guess sometimes it is better to lift off than slide into a kerb at 40mph sideways :P or maybe i just got lucky!

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Interesting site - although the colour scheme was a bit hard on the eye!

I think it highlights one very important thing about driving a car, be it FWD, RWD or 4WD etc... Get to know your cars limits and handling capabilities before attempting to drive in bad or difficult conditions and don't get lulled into a false sense of security just because your car has never spun out or done something unexpected to you before.

It's very easy to think like this in a FWD car, but I soon realised that it can bite you occasionally!

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Maybe so Fidgits - would you like to share your view on what's incorrect?

I'm not picking here, it would be good to have some different takes on this before people believe this site and it's info to be 'gospel'.

One of the reasons I put my post up is that it's more important to discover your own driving and car capabilities, than reading this and following every word.

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Backing off on throttle

Has no effect on Rear End

Causes Front End to "Understeer"

Applying throttle

Can bring steering BACK to front end

Has no effect on rear end

Backing off on the throttle will not create understeer...

understeer is the front tyres losing grip - this can be caused only by the basis that the tyres cannot cope with the lateral forces put on them...

In other words, if you go around a corner too quick - understeer is what happens because you dont have enough grip for that speed.

Now, if you corner on the limit, and accelerate - that will create understeer.

If you corner on the limit, and lift, that will not create understeer.

However, if you corner on the limit, accelerate - and try and 'pull the car around' with the tyres spinning (i.e. the tyres do not have sufficient lateral grip - but the forward motion cancels out the slide) and you lift, then yes, removing the 'pulling force' will return the car to the state where it was understeering..

All you need to know with FWD and understeer is, brake before the corner, turn in, gradually accelerate through the bend to bring you out...

If your smooth and progressive (and not throwing the car around corners, stamping on the throttle) you should not experience understeer.

If you hit snow/ice - well, again, smooth and progressive - stay in a high gear, be gentle...

To get rid of understeer to need to remove the catalyst - so if it was turning to fast, you turn 'out of the skid' and turn more gradual (assuming you have the speed) - if its excess speed, you lift the throttle and allow the speed to fall off... etc etc...

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Fidgits is right - the information on that site is totally wrong and plain dangerous IMO.

"Backing off the throttle .... has no effect of rear end" :o Lifting off the throttle mid corner is just about the only way you can get the rear end to loose grip and cause oversteer. It's the most common cause of 'losing it' in a FWD car: someone goes into a corner too fast, lifts off the throttle, and the back end spins out.

When you lift off the throttle, weight transfers from the back to the front of the car giving the front wheels more grip, and taking grip away from the rear. Accelerating has the opposite effect. :thumbsup:

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