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What's The Highest Mileage On A Yaris?

i b cornish

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I'm currently at 84374 miles in an X reg (2000) which we've had from new. Up until the past week, it has happily done approx 300 miles per week commuting. It still runs a treat, and without looking at the bright LCD numbers on the dash, you'd never know. Only the usual service and tyres done so far (touch wood!!!) :P

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Mileage is an arbitrary figure.

I'd be be more happy to look at a 10yr old car that's covered 120,000 miles than a 5 yr old car that's covered 10,000 miles. Engines are meant to be worked..leave em standing alot..short trips etc causes excessive wear.

As longs as she's been serviced and standard intervals she should see you good.

Although that's why I want to move back to diesel.. 100,000 miles and she's just about run in.

Just check the seals/hoses/ engine mountings. does she idle smoothly..any blueish smoke on start up? what's the clutch condition like... try and drive away with handbrake on...can you feel her pull..or is she slipping...many a check can be done.


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We have a 1999 t reg 1.0 GS with 54k had it from 9 months old and everything is still original apart from two front tyres. Original brakes exhaust rear tyres only spent £60 on two front tyres in over 5 years “What more could you ask for from a good car”

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Hi Guys,

As I'm looking at a 100K+ car this weekend, I'm trawling to see what other people have, sorry it's not a poll but mileage is such a arbatury figure.

So has anyone gone above 100k without any problems.



Hi, my has done 136,870 (it is a T reg) and apart from routine servicing has had no probs

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164,000km, when she hits 300,000km it will be time for retirement but not a km sooner. Still runs like the day i got it, no Oil consumption, 40-45MPG. Its had new struts and dampers tho and i will probably replace the O2 sensor soon, just to be safe.

Ull find the interior/body and suspension will die before the engine if u look after it :rolleyes:

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