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Hks Turbo Kit For Sale........... Again

Yaris WRC

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i know last time i decided against selling it after some people were showing interest. and i feel bad putting it up for sale again.

but i can asure you this time I will be selling it for a very tempting price.

i have pics of the kit and its never been used.





PM me for price.

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after a long msn convo:

man! WRC is the real deal. i theorised everything about gaining power but he really wants to do it.

i personally cant justify the power on the front wheels but.... wrc by the sounds of things is going for it good and proper.

good luck to ya nick. but i hope i steered you off a little bit. it could be dangerous. oh. forgot to add in traction control. racelogic ones arent cheap.

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No zeb you didnt make me change my mind :lol:

And i would like to give a big shout out to Kevin for helping me out with some supply problems :rolleyes:

but it will still be quite some time before its all up and running so dont hold your......breath

Jaxx i though u sold the yaris?

i would stay with the Mr2 mister.

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unless you sign a contract you *can* cancel your exist policy and get a refund on what you dont use

this is true, i have done this before. eg, u cancel a policy 3 months into it, u get 9 months credited to u

maybe you didnt wana hear that but its the truth

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well it does come with an HKS  F-con mini.

if you could up the fuel pressure a tiny bit.  or get some of that fuel system that Kevin from ENVY sourced you could get away with no piggyback  because of the low boost about 6psi

what thing from kevin????

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