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Advice On Dump Valve


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:) Can anyone please give me any pointers/websites or advise from own personal experience on fitting a dump valve to an ST185.

I was told by someone that I may need to drill hole in the intercooler but is there any other alternative?What make/type valve should I go for and where are best place for boost gauge connections?

Is the fuel economy affected at all?

Apparently ST165 & ST205 are straight forward but the ST185 seems to be trickier :angry:

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Nice n easy on a 185. All you need is a hose between the intercooler and the turbo with a take off hose. Available from places like Fensport or demon Tweeks for example. .

As you can see in this picture I`ve taken a pipe from the T piece and located the DV towards the rear of the engine bay. Purely on a space issue. All changed now but thats a different story.

You`ll also need to connect to a vacuum hose but most good DV Kits come with instructions and all the necessary bits. :thumbsup:



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valid point mike, you need to make sure that you get a twin piston dumpvalve, anything else and you will find yourself with running problems and a huge fuel bill. on a plus side, if you've got it de-catted you'll get some good flames :P

i've got an HKS SSQV but it's welded to the intercooler so no help to you i'm affraid

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As Mike and GT Forbes point out, unless you either get a twin piston BOV or mount it in front of the MAF Not easy on a GT4 and ruddy impossible on mine :lol: You may get erratic running. And fueling issues. Basically the MAF sensor cant tell that a load of air`s just been spat out and can`t compensate the amount of fuel going through so runs a tad rich for a moment. Hence the flames.

But in all honesty i`ve never had a problem with rough running attributable to the dump valve once i had it adjusted more or less right. Quick tip. If you get one of these you ought to adjust the spring pressure, as they tend to be set a bit soft from the factory. This will make sure the valve shuts down completely when the revs are coming down to idle otherwise they can have a tendency to misbehave, Engine cuts out or runs rough on tickover

Mines a Blitz DD super sound. Twin port jobbie. I would give you more info on it but i`m still trying to learn Japanese. I got mine from Fensport for £220 which includes all connectors, Hoses etc;. It does sound rather nice. Not too in your face with the filter on. :thumbsup:

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Cubic ,wow another nice looker!

Ive noticed both cars have aftermarket air filters,is this also a necessary requirement for the DV?

No not really. Just helps the breahting a bit and looks better than a big black boring box. :D :thumbsup:

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