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This Made Me Laugh Out Loud

Bass junky

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Hi everyone

I hope this is not a re-post but for the past few hours I have been putting every site I can think of into this and it is soo funny my sides are hurting now lol


Borrowed from another forum for your enjoyment


It's great isn't it.

I posted it in Gold a few weeks back. There's a few other similar ones posted there - love the Dougal one posted by Camshaft; You'll have to guess the name of it or go gold to see it 'cos I'd get flamed for copying stuff from Gold to here.

I love the returns for MR2 on Gizoogle

"The Toyota MR2 is a mid-engizzles 2 gangsta sports ride manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporizzles of Japan . Keep the party crackin while I'm steady rappin'. ... "

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