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1st Real Problem


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Tootling around in 3rd when an old cossi decides to get up close and personal <_< foot to floor reaching full boost then soon as reach about 4000rpm an almighty clunking starts :blink: managed to quickly pull off on sliproad in neutral but still clunking like mad. AA call thinking they can "get it running", but soon jack car up to check wheels. Spin free for half turn then all lockup, manage to turn with the dreaded clunking for them to spin freely again before locking back up! Clunking seems to be coming from the front. Car was then full lift n taken home.

:help: Not had chance to begin looking yet as dislocated shoulder the following day,great weekend it was :censor:

Think it could be front diff or hopefully just a drive shaft,dout it though!

Any ideas cos dout al be able to start messing till next weekend?

Cheers :crybaby:

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Damn mate. :censor: I`v no idea what it could be from your description. Just hope it`s not going to be too expensive or too hard to fix. Who am i kidding its a GT4. :yes:

Best of luck with it anyway. Keep us posted. :thumbsup:

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not sure but it might be the 4x4 transmission droped a gear shouldnt be able to turn just the wheels at the back if the frount is still on the ground unless you can take it out of 4x4 mode if all 4 wheels are on the road then all 4 wheels will turn.

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Ok, had mate round to give me hand and its looks like found prob, all diffs seem fine and free after messing n dropping fluid to check. Looked in inspection hole in box and flywheel wont spin when in gear and wheels turning, so then dropped gearbox Oil to find many sharp bits of metal in tub :crybaby:

So looks like its spat a tooth or something n everythings gone !Removed! up in box.

How come i have to replace a box in every celica iv had :rolleyes:

Looks like im savin now, but on possitive note my insurance was up for renewal day after,which i only didnt do because was late back with car. Saved with 1 and spent with another!

S**te happens, usually in big dollops!


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