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Weird Braking Problem


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I have this weird problem with my car & was wondering any of you could shed some light on it. For some time now I have noticed that when I do an emergency braking the brakes don't work as it normally would :eek: this only happens if the air conditioner is running, the car does come to a stop but it happens gradually (very smoothly... very inconveniently smoothly i would say) where you would expect a very abrupt stop when you slam on the brakes. :arrgg-matey:

I really can't figure it out and have spoken to couple of people. But I couldn't get an answer for this. My car has a 1L engine and its an automatic, the problem very specifically occurs if the air conditioner is running.

This IS weird :(

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if you do enough emergency braking to notice somethings wrong...then I'd look at adopting driving style first!


When I said "emergency braking" what i meant was even at low speeds (say 20KMpH) the guy in front slamms on the breaks to avaid some braindead 3-wheeler driver (we got plenty of them here...!!!!) :( or even road construction in the dead center of the road in a hairpin bend with no prior warning signs what so ever (actual incident :ffs: ). can go on for ever, sadly these are facts of life here.


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air-con can have an affect as well as any other load on the engine...although indirectly...but I'll let you figure that outfor yourself.

Adapting driving style does help..or do we agree that not judging distances/ looking ahead..general awareness is not warranted on this site?

road construction with no signs..simple speak to the council.

emergency braking because the person in fron has to stop suddenly..don't drive to close..look beyond the brakelights of the car in front.


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not sure if this helps

the brake booster works with engine vacuum. there is a line from the booster to the inlet manifold by the throttle body. i believe there is a check valve in that line to help hold the vacuum when the car is like under acceleration or when aircon is on.. Perhaps that check valve is sticking open.

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thanks gerard for the info... will check it out.

...and Vipes that was totally uncalled-for, no one here is an expert (ok... maybe we can exclude few of you :yes: ) and thanks for all the suggesions from the rest of you guys.

lets see how this thing goes... ;)



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