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Fuel Economy Decreasing


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Hi Guys

My 4WD Vitz normally makes between 25 to 30 mpg. These last days is not economical as it was. The mpg is decreasing.

The plugs has been changed about 2000km ago and the cone filter has been cleaned. The Maf has been cleaned too.

What are the other parts that i need to check? The car speed and bhp is normally as it was. Nothing has changed but only the MPG and also my wallet to pump more fuel in the tank. :)

Best Regards


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Engine oil and oil filter?

When were they last changed?

They'll help a bit.

They has been changed with the plugs. I service the regularly @ 4000km changed oil and oil filter and about 10,000 to 15,000km change the plugs.

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The sensor will be somewhere on the downpipe I would assume... essentially it reads the exhaust gasses so the ECU can analyse them and adjust the fueling accordingly...

MY stem seals are shot on my car, the resultant oil smoke every time I started it has covered my lambda sensor, my fuel economy has gone down from 400 miles a tank to about 280....... but there is no point in changing the sensor untill I have changed the seals.... ho hum....

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