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Front Strut Brace


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hi everyone

I have research the forum and had read a few good and bad comments about

fitting a strut brace,but I just want to see for myself how it will affect my car once


My question is has anyone fitted one on a pre-facelift model E12,mine is a T spirit 2003 model and my brake fluid reservoir is on the left and seems to be an

obstruction.I have seen a picture of one fitted on a Tsport with brake fluid reservoir on the right seems alright if that is the case.

If anyone has fitted one on prefacelift E12,would you mine sharing the manufacturer of the strut bar and if there is any modifications made.

Your response is greatly appreciated. :rolleyes:

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,Sep 18 2005, 09:13 PM]This is the g6-r's  Corolla  :P


i will instale sparco struct bar.. the tte is very expensive ..

Up thats mine including the TTE Strutbrace :thumbsup:

I bought mine from a fellowmember of the Dutch Corollaclub only for € 125 :!Removed!:

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Thanks for the photos ,they are very helpful,G6R your corolla is looking so sweet

and agressive with those TTE strut bars,I see you we have the same model of

Corolla engine wise (mine is a T spirit 1.6 engine).I am planning to order strut

bars from the U.S., they have carbon fibre look air craft grade billet aluminum in

there, going so cheap.And are fully adjustable.

Also have you done any modification to your air filtration,I am wondering if the

K&N typhoon kit will fit the 1.6 engine air inlet.I have installed a panel filter from

K&N did notice slight change in engine response but not to my contenment.So

I was hoping anybody out there who fitted any kind of high performance air

filtration especially to 1.6 engine to share their experience.

Cheers :thumbsup:

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I olso was planning to buy a K&N panelfilter . because i want to save a little money :rolleyes: and don,t want to buy a filter every time :thumbsup:

the name of my Rolla overhere is a 1600 Lineasol :thumbsup:

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hi  G6R, :help:

just noticed your mods,you have no midsilencer,how does it affect the car and

mileage,does it sound good?

It doen,t aaffect the car at all because its only a SOUNDsilencer :P The soud is great not overdone , and it doen,t affect the Mileage :thumbsup: you can take a look and listing here: http://members.home.nl/edwintimmermans/Fil...lding%20303.avi

here is olso a picture without de midsilencer


Edited by G6-R
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