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End Of Drift Project...


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Right... I want to post this in the For Sale section too... but think more people will see it here and might get someone wanting to take over here.

Anyway, having sourced pretty much all components for a dream drift car, I'm having to sell it all on due to other priorities.

Here's a quick list if you don't get to look at my web page:

(All parts from 12,000 mile Nissan 350Z unless otherwise stated)

3.5 litre V6 engine

Exhaust manifolds



Wiring loom

Kevlar prop shaft

Full exhaust system

Brembo big brakes (calipers, disks, pads) front & rear

Air Conditioning pump

Airflow meter

Accelerator pedal

Clutch slave cylinder

350Z 18" wheels (non-forged 6 spokes) with tyres

Skyline fitment 18" wheels with tyres

Two 6 speed gearboxes

The components were going into an S13 200SX (with modifications to bulk head etc to allow clearance).

Please have a look at my web page and see if you know anyone who might be interested to take it over.

I'm hoping to start it all up again soon, but can't afford to keep this gear in the mean time. More's the pity.


Click here

Thanks for your time.


Hope to see you all at Silverstone D1 anyway. :D

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man thast a crying shame.. i was looking forward to seeing the project grow.. and to see the finished article.. would have been awesome.. :(

Well.. ive moved the thread for ya now.. good luck with the sale etc.. :thumbsup:

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