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Anyone familiar with the Mk3 TurboA?

Found this link which says it was a limited edition of 500. Lokoing over all the specs, I want one, they sound damn good.

Seemingly uses a 7M-GTEU. What's that?


The Turbo-A 7M-GTEU is a modified 7M-GTEU. The U just stands for the Japanese emissions pack.

My turboA: :-)


- Brian

Turbo-A.net - home of the Supra turboA

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Indead.. the A specs were the super delux 7m-GTE cars. Very rare very cool....(JDM only).

AS said about the "u" just means it complys with a certain set of emisions regulations...

Very nice...

My personal fave limited edition Mkiii is still the twin turbo-R though :D

turbo-a.net welcome to the site.. nice to see the Mkiii force growing stronger!!! Nice ride too!! I like the black on gold ;)

Nice site... alarmingly it looks almost identical to the way mine lookked before I got a web designer to re do it... I miss the old gold on black days (or in my case gold on dark grey) :(


I love this picture!!!! Is that Laguna Seca, just after the infamous "corkscrew"????

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