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Sports Oil Filter


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hey im just wondering what do they do and where do you fit them onto does it increase performance?

ive found this link on ebay


many thanks hoho

Those TRD Oil filters are identical to the standard Toyota ones. The only difference is the colour (RED) and the fact that it says TRD on it. Twice the price for the privelage.

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They will do absolutely nothing for your engine performance. Whilst the description isn't lying in any way they're using a lot of long words to describe what a bog standard filter does.

The only thing I could see this being any benefit for is if you are running a very high powered engine (like a racing car engine) that is very highly stressed. This would have to run with a very high pressure Oil system where the Oil pump has been changed to a high capacity system to help lubricate the conrod bearings which are taking the highest load. A normal filter would probably deform and leak under the pressure (above 6 bar).

Just stick to the normal filter

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The TRD Oil filter has a better Oil return valve fitted inside, this means you get less Oil drain back when left over night.

So if you have an oil filter mounted sidways on the engine block, you could reduce the amout of time it take for your oil light to go out on first start up.

But sorry to say no engine performance gain :( , just may help your engine last longer, as 60% of engine wear is on cold start up :) ..

One last thing, once you have a TRD oil filter fitted ,you can then have a TRD Badge on the boot :D :P .

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Ive used these in my corolla for the past couple of Oil changes and i couldn't see any improvement but at the same time the engines running good, almost as good as the day i got it, so at least one thing to say is it does its job :D cheaper on ebay though than on fensports website :thumbsup:

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