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hi all, my old man owns a MA70 fitted with a 7M-GTE and we'd like to do some minor mods. The plans are groved disks, a decent air filter, good wastegate and dump valve. As i dont know anything about later model toyotas (i count 80 onwards as new) or turbo's for that mater, we could do with some advise.

1) who makes the best air filter for a supra? and where can we get one form?

2) Dump valve & waste gate?

3) Disks?

4)Igintion leads?

Thats about all at the mo.

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Apexi make the best filter www.ejperformance.co.uk is the cheapest place.

Dont need an aftermarket wastegate unless you have a huge tubby.

You will need a piston type dumo valve as so you dont get stalling problems, the turbo xs is one of the better ones, cant remember the addy at the moment though.

Ignition leads, you'll want the magnecore available from www.fensport.co.uk they also do a good range of disks.

Remember to shim the wastegate and a performance exhaust and you be pushing 280bhp :D

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