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Yet again a most enjoyable meet :thumbsup:

There are a couple of pic's well worth being in a caption competition ;)


Too much blue tooth technology is bad for you! :o


Yes Dale this is what too much slushy does for you :)


"Z has a small pudding :eek:


Is Rob curling one out there? :lol:


Guess who is the current Toc Northern ten pin bowling champion?---------------ME!!! :D

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Looks brilliant - Shaz looks wasted and JJ looks like shes had a good suck!  :lol:  :lol:

lmao sooooo nothing new there then, on both counts :thumbsup:

YOU GO GIRLS. :group-cuddles:

pmsl. really wish i could have come but i had to work. altho the state i was in last nght and the state i was still in this morin means i wouldnt have been fit enough to drive there anyway. i will try and make the next one anyway :thumbsup:

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Hey all had a great time as usual - and i won our lane at bowling! came third overall - i never win anything! :hokus-pokus:

The food was great -spaghetti and meatballs and tomota sauce yummy!!!!! :D

Nice to see all the regulars and the newbies aswell - dale cant believe we spoke to each other before on ukfn - its such a small world! lol :D

Just one last thing - Z wheres your hair man? :ph34r::lol:

Only jokin it look 'decent' either way :lol:

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My first ever TOC meet :) , Thanks for everyone making a newbie feel welcome :D

Very true about it being a small world Tegan :eek: and make sure you post pics of the mk1 fiesta when shes finnished with all her goodies, theres something about the old fords....! :drool:

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Bleh, i let ya win les buddy. Thought I'd come last to give everyone a warm fuzzy feelin, lol :D

I posted over in the other thread but i'll say again that it was sweet to meet thsoe peeps that I hadnt met before, and as for the regulars... well... not much to say really... :P

I told ya my story teg's, its my baby bro's fault.

(see pic) that was his hair a while bak, so it got pretty long and me mam forced me into it, so he'd hav his cut too, lol



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hehe he's a mare at times that kid, but still class i gotta say!

lol matt was funny wen i saw ya. the look on ur face was like who TF are you? Then when you realised, it was funny cos u started pee-peeing yourself with laughter :)

Fizz: u let ur cuz down. Tell him not to worry tho.l He can have a blast in mine when i get it ;)

Rich: I'll come down/up (depends where i am) and drag you out by the scruff if i have to!!! (plus you need to beat les, hah)


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