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Had Your Handbrake Tightened By Dealer?


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I need to adjust the girlfriends handbrake on her 1.0 yaris and found out how on previous posts which one also suggested too tight is bad.

Have you had the dealer adjust yours? If so, how many clicks did it come up?

I would usually have tightened previous cars i worked on to 3 clicks.

Obviously adjusting at the handbrake is a quickfix, but it saves jacking the car and maybe having to take the drums off, if its not got discs that is.

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To test it let it up with the button unpressed (just this once) and it should click six times to full lock.

The drum can be adjusted on a clicker/spring that takes the tension up - too tight and itll rub all the time and too loose it wont hold.

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clicking handbrake..just sounds naff...sounds even worse from outside of the car!

but aye is due to wear and tear on the ratchett.

Varies for difference type of car and one "click" in one car can take in more cable than another.

As long as it's not coming up under ya armpit it's fine.


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I find that if I click it on hills then it holds better, if I dont click then sometimes on steep inclines it wont hold the car properly and I have to apply it firmer...

I remember when MrT tightened the handbrake on my T3 and it wasnt very high at all, around 4/5 clicks I think? I prefer having it low tho, mine is high now...

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Hers comes up 6 clicks. I was only clicking it too test how many clicks it was clicking so i wont need to click it again which is very naff when you click it. Definatly wont do the car any harm to click it.

Think i will adjust it to 4 clicks as 6 clicks seems too high as it will be easier for her to pull it up with her little arms than when its nearer to 90 degrees from the floor.

Think i'll stop clicking now as this will be eleven clicks :D

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Hi there,

People who drove my car used to complain that the travel on my handbrake was too high - but I didn't know any different and it did the job.

When the Yaris went in - Mr T adjusted it so tightly it only lifted an inch!! It was horrible. It gradually eased though and is back to how it was - around 6 clicks.

Sounds like this is quite common, so when you adjust it, expect the handbrake to return to a longer travel after a while.

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Done. Adjusted it to 3-4 clicks, 4 being very tight.

While off i can push the car myself no problem.

At 1 while freewheeling at 5mph i can feel it grip, stopped i can still push the car myself.

At 2 the car will not runaway on a slight hill so is purfect for level ground.

At 3 will be used on hills.

Adjusting to 3 clicks seems to be no problems.

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