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Just been to a school (in a different one now) and there was this one teacher (20stone, looked like a bulldog chewing a wasp) and for some reason she kept coming right up into my face to talk to me and kept grabbing me by the arm.

I was starting to feel and look like this :ffs:

Why do people insist on doing this? why do they have to make some kind of physical contact with you and enter your own personal space?

It completely creeps/freaks me out and winds me up.

I started to move away whenever she came towards me and i give her a nasty look each time she did it but 3 times later and she was still doing it.

Am i the only one or have i got a point when i say people like that need a damn good hiding?

Rant over :lol:

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yeah it annoys me as well. especially when u dont know them. altho it doesnt bother me when they are fit. its also not so bad when u know them pretty well and worked with them for a while. but ur right i see if as rude. Just call her a SPACE INVADER :P

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thats why you feel really scared when you go into a chavvy nightclub sold cold sober!

I dont mind if its a fit girl, but if its something else " get the f**k away!!!!!!!"


Actually i do remember a time, met a lass called rosey wow she was stunning

But she was very... very in your face got about 2 mil aay from the face and shouted IM ROSEY HI

which put me off big time, so i said "HI IM MATT, I THINK YOU ARE VERY VERY NICE CAN WE HAVE s*x" in the same way

She was kinda put of by that :unsure:

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It freaks me out when people do it who youve only just met! :lol:

I really hate it when people do it in shops! I keep making steps forwards and they just do the same!!! Dont they take the hint? I cant get any closer to the person in front without invading their space and some idiot is getting further into mine! :ffs:

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