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Warrenty Issue


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I bought some TTE Springs off ebay a couple of days ago, ..........

today i rang my insurance company: Norwich Union to ask them how much my insurance would go up by, anyway the bloke on the other end of the phone said that my Warrenty with Toyota will be invalid if i fit the springs. :crybaby:

Is this correct?...havent had a chance to ring my local Mr T. yet.

Thanks :thumbsup:

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Just on phone to our warranty guy, tte parts, no it doesnt affect the warranty but anything else it does, including headunits/speakers, and toyota will find a way to get out of it if non tte parts are found.

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THANKS Blaze :thumbsup:  :thumbsup: ,

..even though i did not buy them direct from toyota i can still fit them and warrenty will be still valid, even if i fit them myself?

Once again Thanks :thumbsup:

yup as long as they are tte parts!

Chris some toyota places wont touch it even if its not that part thats the fault they just wont do it anyway.

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It will only affect the warranty if deemed changes caused the issue you are claiming for.

Ie fitting new springs... if the clutch fails prematurely... then that obviously has nothing to do with the springs.

You can get you motor serviced anywhere for example..and it will still be under warranty as long as the service is up to toyota standards..ie charge ya for re-filling your washer fluid.

what's next..Toyota saying only Toyota Branded fuel is suitable..anything else voids the warranty? don't think do.


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warrentys are about as much use as a one legged man in an a**e kicking competition

theyll still find a way out regardless

having saying that i lost mine within 3 days of owning the car :lol:

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The manufacturer carries out extensive testing to prove that the components they use are suitable for the job. If you change them they can no longer guarantee that they will function properly for the expected life in service hence your guarantee for that part becomes void.

Even if it's a Toyota part from another vehicle it may not be designed for the purpose.

Extreme example but it illustrates a point. You decide your Hilux needs new rear suspension but you want to save some money so you try and fit Yaris suspension components. First time you load 2 ton of cement in the back the suspension fails and you wonder why they won't honour the warranty on the suspension.

Even if it's a supposed higher rated component there will have been no testing to confirm it doesn't break anything else. It may be putting unexpected loading onto other chassis components causing them to fail.

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At work (also Motor Insurance) when I talk to policyholders about their repairs a lot of people are concerned that if an Approved Repairer of ours does the repairs then it'll affect the Warranty, but it's only if that a non Toyota part is fitted then it'll be affected & our garages would use the manufacturers parts if the vehicle was still under warranty.

As for that guy at Norwich Union why did he tell you that? Is he is a Toyota owner too? I know I am a Toyota owner but the most I do is tell Policyholders that Toyota provide courtesy cars & also when (on the very rare occasion) a Yaris in involved I know a bit more than others about them :lol:

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