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Missing Fogs

Demonic Angel

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Managed to get our cabin light sorted - thanks for that!

Now, our Corolla is T-Spirit, so the spec on it is quite good (well, we like it!) and we read the spec before hand and it said T-Spirit came with front fogs.... Except we dont have front fogs! Theres just a black bit where the fogs are meant to be...

Now bearing in mind they have fogs as standard, could the previous owners chosen NOT to have them?

When we bought the car the spec for it didnt state front fogs, so it could be they were removed I suppose, or could it be something like D-4D's dont have front fogs? We have everything else, plus the Sat Nav system as well which was installed before we bought it.

Is there any reason, apart from the previous owner removing them, that we dont have front fogs? Ok, so they're not important or anything, but it just seems weird that something thats standard T-Spirit (and T3) spec isnt on our car!

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If i remember, they should be standard on the T-Spirit, well they were on mine. :yes:

It could be, not saying that it happened to your car, been in a front end accident, and a change of bumper ment lack of front fog lights :eek:

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I dont really take much notice of which models have fogs when im at work, but i know that the D4D has a air scoop for the intercooler in the n/s/f fog lamp area for cooling! That may mean no fogs on the Derv version!

I'll check at work 2moro if ya want?


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