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Spotted Him


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Well.. an unusuall day at work today, saw something you don't normally see on the main street.. laugh?.. we never laughed so much in ages....


Sorry about the poor quality of the piccy.. was on my mobile and i was too busy laughing my head off to zoom in :lol:.... It's the naked ramblers in all there glory.. walking up the main street in Crossgates towards Cowdenbeith wearing nothing but boots, hat and rucksack.. :lol: was pouring with rain and cold.. so, ladies.. wasn't much to see. :lol:

Has anyone else spotted him?

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i take it they are some form of local legends?




This is the guy here.. a complete numpty if you ask me.. no idea who the woman is though... seemingly he has been jailed for it in the past wee while.. but will probably end up jailed again

He is walking from Land's End to John O'Groats... so, heading your way Alan :lol:

The 46-year-old, from Bournemouth, was naked in the dock as he was sentenced at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

Not only are they caught in the buff.. they appear in court in the buff :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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They started their walk when i was in cornwall last time,

you never know if someone gives them a TOC flyer maybe they'll turn up

at the the next scottish TOC meet :eek:

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Why all the hang ups about the uncovered human body?

Mind you, you won't (& wouldn't want to) see mine. :rolleyes:

It is only a custom & practical in our climate to cover up, but it isn't a grievous sin if you don't. Be broadminded, :thumbsup: peeps

Heh, Heh, that should stir it up nicely :yes:

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