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Seat Memory

Nevada Bob

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As the topic description says really ! :rolleyes:

I've just picked up a 2001 3 door, and I've noticed that whenever I flip the seat forward to let the kids in the back, the seat just seems to click back into a default rake position. Cue much merriment as the wife then tries to get the seat back rest at a comfortable angle :D

Can anyone tell me if the seats should have a 'memory' and retain their settings ? This kind of thing has been standard on 3 door cars for years, and I can't believe Toyota haven't done something similiar. It's funny now, but it'll be a right pain pretty soon...


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If it's anything to go by the 3 door yaris p1 then no. I cant say about the p2 yaris. Buy yeah this seem to be a fault with toyota and there 3 door cars. Why they dont have memory i really dont know :wacko:


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