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Shakey Suspension

m4rk scotland

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ok im getting a constant squeak from the front left of the car and at certain speeds the whole steering wheel takes a big wobbly fit, if i slow down then it stops and i can go back up to whatever speed again but i wouldnt want this happening at high speeds, i did mount a kerb a while ago but it did do this before then, counterweight of the wheel missing, something broke in the suspension, your comments would be welcome, cheers

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Probably just wheel balance I think.

But if you've kerbed it you should probably get the tracking checked too and have the rim and tyre inspected.

If I were you I'd do that right away, because if it fixes it then you're sorted, but if it doesn't then it's probably something more serious that you definitely need to investigate.

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i had summat like this on an old renault i had .... summat like this and ive got a lil bit of the same thing on the 2 which ...after my most serious recent prob is sorted will be got around to. if u can jack it up take hold of ur whells probably front ones and have somebody hold the steering wheel. then try and physically turn the wheels as if cornering with steering wheel but using ur hands. if theres a lot of play then sounds like a balljoint to me.... or what my dad calls a balljoint. maybe thats a track rod end aka.

anyhow the cars ive had this on ranged from minor on the 2 which 'is' a slight wobble on the steering after corners and seeming bad cornering line at times


the renault which was so bad ....after corners the car used to physically skip like a foot to either side after corners and really bad corner line at times with squeel. i had to drive this for 3 months with it like this and was finally glad to see its rear end in a scrappers :)

hope theres soething useful in this and hope its something not too bad and it gets fixed for you :)

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