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Single Wiper Conversion For Ep91?

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Hello :D

Has anyone made or bought a single wiper conversion for an EP91 Starlet?

Been looking for a while, but not found anything!!

Looked at a few conversion kits at some shows, don't look too complicated!! Considering having a bash, but if somebody has already made one and can point me in the right direction wkd!!



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It is the rear disc assembly from an EP82 GT Turbo. Basically they are pretty much the same car but with different panels on!!! BASICALLY!

I have all the bits and pieces needed to do the conversion. I measured up everything on my car. Then I went to a scrapers in Sheffield and measured up a EP82 GT Turbo. They visually look similar and has all the right measurements!!!

I asked the advice of Andy & Tony at FENSPORT who assured me it would fit!!

So I ordered a full rear beam with discs & calipers from a guy in South Wales. If you want his number I can drag it out for you?

Just waiting on some new handbrake cables from FENSPORT and I will fit it!!

Rear discs on my EP91 all for less than £280. Excellant value when you thing the whole assembly not including pipes and cables would have cost me over £900 from Toyota.

:thumbsup::lol: :D

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what scrap yard had the ep 82 in Sheffield because if they still have it i might be interested in the front seats.

If you would get me that number it would be a great help.




The scrapers was called Jap Spares I think, not sure of the telephone number, but I can describe where it is!!!

Heading North M1 come off at Meadowhall Junc. Go underneath viaduct. Then you come to the roundabout at the end, come round the roundabout past the turn off to go back on the M1 then take the next exit (take the 3rd exit).

Follow this road right to the end, it is quite a longish road with buildings mainly on your left. When you get to the end there is a T junction, at that T junction look to your left and you'll see it!!!

Or give us a bell on 07979547590, we'll meet up & you can follow me there

Take it eazy

Nath :cacker: :blink::wacko:

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