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Paseo For Sale


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Was going to keep this till next year but decided its not really me and want an older car again! So, its a 96 on an N plate Paseo ST, done 72000 miles, has MOT till mid July 2006 and is taxed. Bodywork very very good, no rust at all, just normal minor chips and light scratches but hardly notice. Mechanically superb, engine and gearbox first rate condition. Been owned by us for just over 2 years, has a few add ons (see garage) but all removable!

Price is £1700 ono with virtually new alloys and toyo tyres or

£1400 ono with standard steel wheels and good michelins.

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Sorry to see you selling it mate :(

I'll vouch for the finish of this car if anyones interested its in cracking condition :thumbsup:

cheers Daz, not desperate at the moment but I just love old cars and want another :D and I originally bought it for my wife anyway, its just not really me but if I could keep it as well as another car I would.... no space!

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Good luck with the sale mate, would let mine go if the right offer came up but seeing as I've just spent another £800+ on it last week I reckon I'd lose too much money :(

Could really do with something a little more practical ;)

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