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I Just Got A 1985 Celica Supra


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I just got a 1985 Celica Supra when my grandfather passed away about a month ago. Anyway, it has a number of problems and i was wondering what you would all suggest. i have a $5,000 budget.

bumper needs to be repaired/repainted (but i dont think it is original).

both rear-view mirrors need to be repaired (they are bent out of place).

needs all new tires and shocks.

something is wrong with the steering, but i am hoping new shocks and a wheel alignment will fix it.

aircondition in broken.

the 2 front seats, driver side in particular, need to have the 'wings' of hte chairs reupulstered.

front left light needs to be replaced.

needs a general check up and all fluids replaced.

AND RUST! both rocker panels (sp?) are completely rusted and need to be fixed, as well as other things. the car does not feel 'soft,' however, and i dont think its on the frame or atleast too bad on the frame.

anyway, it runs fine, although it hasnt been driven since 1990 (so it needs to be re-broken in). is there anything else i should be considering? do you think that will be fixed with $5,000, and if so, how much should i have left over/what should i do with left over money? the first order of buisness is to take care of the rust... f :censor: king car cancer :( how much will that hurt me?

anyway, thanks in advance. pics of car below.





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unfortunatly mate your pics didnt work but you sound as if you have the same problems as i had when i first pulled mine from the back of a scrap yard three years ago...........it has taken me that long to rebuild her back to something that resembles a semi decent car........have a look at my signature at the bottom mines the one on the far right of the row.......

what you have is a fantastic car and not many of them around the down sides are that it has cost me something something about 4000 pounds sterling so if you do the conversion thats about $5500 roughley........

and after putting her back on the road i only managed to run her for about three weeks before the camshafts went.........not a big prob you may think but i am at the moment completley renewing the whole engine because of further problems.........

so the bottom line is mate unless you are prepared to spend some serious money and spend more hours in the garage than you do on the road............leave her well alone...........like i say fantastic cars but a lot of money to restore and then they aint cheep to run either........sorry to put a down on things but the old bird has cost me an arm and a leg to keep going........ :group-cuddles:

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im sorry about the pics, i dont know what is wrong with them... my friend might come over soon and he will take new pics that i will upload, but until then i guess all i can do is say sorry :(

anyway, thanks for the honesty

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yep i'd agree with gus. Be very careful when ity comes to chucking money at it, as it'll be never ending.

With $5000 i reckon the best bet would be to source a new rebuilt engine... you can gaurantee that during the time you'll have the current one you'll find engine problems, which you'll fix, then something else will go, you'll fix that and something else will go etc etc (you get the idea).

Better off starting with a new rebuilt engine or getting yours professionally rebuilt. This will save you a LOT of time and money later on. Or you could drop in a 7MGTE or a 1JZ and have a very fast machine. You could then spend the rest on getting the bodywork and chassis up to scratch. Unfortunately the MA61 (yours) is a complete rot box when it comes to rust.

Dont take it on lightly though, it will be a big project, but it should be worth it.. theyre great cars.

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glad to see you got the piccies to work......she looks like she dont need that much work body wise.........but looking at the piccies it has answered a long running question for me........it is possible to get leather seats for a mkii.......will just have to keep eyes open in the uk..... :group-cuddles: :thumbsup:

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glad to see you got the piccies to work......she looks like she dont need that much work body wise.........but looking at the piccies it has answered a long running question for me........it is possible to get leather seats for a mkii.......will just have to keep eyes open in the uk..... :group-cuddles:  :thumbsup:

lol, yeah, it's got leather seats.

they need to be redone, tho, because the wings of them, right where a person's shoulders would rub, are completely worn through down to the padding :( the back seat is sun damaged, but thats it. im not replacing that. i just need to figure out how much we have to re-do on those chairs.

however, i have decided to do as much as i can myself. i am going to tune it up myself eventually, because i need to cut costs where i can. fixing the mirrors and lights is a first priority (the front left light is burnt out, and while i ahve the case, the 'socket' it fits into, not where the screws go, is broken. i need to find a junk yard!). after that, the rust. then engine.

it was really only driven from '85-'90 or '92. do you really think im going to be running into engine problems? now that its being worked in again, its running MUCH better!

i hope this isnt just the eye of the storm :(


one thing i couldnt believe is that the lumbar support still works for the driver seat (passenger seat doesnt have it)! after i cleaned the buttons of the stereo and the seat, (i think one of the POT's or wahtever its called on the radio) was out, and just buy tapping/fiddling with it it started working again. as for the seat, after i messed with the buttons for a while, some caked up dust/grime finally worked loose (it was really gross, lol) and the air came out. then i worked on the bobble thign and with tweezers worked some of the grime loose, and now it works too! the thing was disgustingling dirty, but is really looking better now.

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those seats look the dogs doodars......have got to get a set.........mine are haveing the same problems and wearing were you shoulders sit on both drivers and passengers side.......good luck with the project and dont forget to keep us posted as to how you are getting along.......and any problems that you may come up against.......if i can help in any way just post or PM me......will try to help in anyway i can mate nice to see somebody else with a classic :thumbsup:

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