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Got my corolla t sport a couple of months ago and i'm loving it! Got a k&n typoon on it and it's lowered 35mm. Time for some wheels now. Quite fancy a set of 18" Buddy Club SF in gunmetal. Anyone got any experience of fitting 18's to a lowered Cts? Do they fit straight on and what tyre size would you recommend? I was thinking about using 225/35-18. Thanks.

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I have a lowered Corolla T Spirit 2003 model fitted with Toora T240 size 18

with 225/35/18,offset 40, no scrubbing at all even when fully loaded,many T sport

ownwers has fitted 18 with no probs,Toora T240 is similar to the 18 wheels fitted

on the new Corolla TTE Compressor,send me your email if you want pics.

Caution though, the ride comfort has suffred greatly and it slowed down my car.

So I am using a Superleggera size 17 on long travels.

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Thanks. The other thing i was worried about was how it would effect my performance, thats why i was looking at the buddy club wheels as they are light. Mite just go for 17's though. Not bothered about the ride quality as long as it handles good.

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