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Following my search for a solution to install an iPod in my new Avensis in this thread


I've sucessfully installed an ice>link, supplied by


(or http://www.addacdchanger.co.uk/ )

on my W59304 Toyota radio, with full control of the ipod via the radio and steering wheel controls. The iPod charges when playing, and one can play tracks from the first five playlists as though they were CDs one to five in an auto changer, and anything else via a rather fiddly UI when selecting disc 6 on the autochanger.

I was worried that the Sat Nav audio would not work any more, but it still works perfectly, whether listening to the radio or the ipod.

In order to get this working, I purchased:-

1. A Toyota CD changer cable (part number 08695-00370) from my Toyota dealer

2. An ice>Link plus for Toyota, with a 12 pin connector (5 + 7 pins)

(it may be possible to get away without item 1, and going for the version of the ice>Link with (6+6) pins, however I don;t know if this will be compatible with the sat nav voice over).

I purchased the model without the cradle, as the iPod sits nicely in the cup holder, when the dock cable is attached.

car audio plus only deliver to the UK, probably due to licensing reasons, however I was disappointed by the service I got from the dension distributor in france, who told me that Toyota radios use fibre optics and are hence not compatible with the ice>link - which turned out to be rubbish. I managed to get car audio to deliver to a freind in the UK, who shipped it on to me.

The unit arrives as two boxes and a few interface cables. The first, larger, box is a toyota to Sony CD changer interface, supplied by C-A-P. The second is the ice>link plus itself, in Sony configuration. I was able to fit both boxes and cables snugly behind the glovebox with a bit of velcro, allowing the thin dock cable to drop into the glovebox itself. The cable is long enough for the iPod to sit prominently on the dashboard in the cupholder if you wish.

I was disappointed that the CD text feature on the Toyota radio does not work with the ice>Link for the moment. One can only see the name of the current song on the iPod itself. However C-A-P did tell me that before I bought it, so it was no surprise. They did say that it may be possible that dension update the firmare of the ice>link to bring the CD text feature to more radios at some point in the future.

Hope this has been helpful, and I can fully recommend this solution.

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I used this kit on my Volkswagen. Not a bad unit really. You can also control your ipod directly if you want to as well. Which means you have full control over it then.

My only gripe was the 5 playlist limit, a bit annoying.

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For over a year now I've used a cheap cassette adapter that gives good sound from an iPod and doesn't need retuning like an iTrip. The disadvantage is that to change tracks you have to fiddle with the iPod buttons. I was going to have a go with a custom input kit but saw an ad for the Griffin Smartdeck.


This is the same as the adapter I've been using except that it has a facility to used the FFW and REVERSE controls on the cassette player to operate the iPod. Only just got it and tried it but the sound quality seems excellent and being able to switch tracks without a fiddle is great. Costs around £21 from


The only thing to remember is to disable the cassette 'skip' mode by pressing the button 10 times, otherwise the Smartdeck keeps trying to auto reverse then loses patience and self-ejects.

Cheap & cheerful but it works! :D :thumbsup:

PS - Apparently Griffin are introducing a new version soon that plugs into a dock connector and will work with all iPods.

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This is exclusive to the iPod, because it uses a standard iPod dock connector on the end of it's connection cable. It is also designed to control the iPod from the stereo.

So the answer there is no.

You can however get audio in adaptors i believe, which will enable you to gain an aux in connector on your stereo, so you can then connect an mp3 players audio connector to it. But you have to control the mp3 player off it's own controls.

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Will this system work with other MP3 playewrs or is it exclusive to the iPod ?

Unfortunately no, it's strictly iPod.

The cassette adapter I was using (Goodmans) will do playback from virtually anything though as long as it has a headphone/line out socket but then you still have to use the controls on the mp3 player or whatever to switch tracks.

Today I found that the Smartdeck DOESN'T need the cassette deck track selector pressing ten times! The thing appears to be a bit sensitive to how it is loaded and that's why it ejects itself. Once it's in and going it's fine.

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Hi there

I read your story about the I pod.

And i followed your advise to buy the original toyota adapter (part number 08695-00370).

Many thanks about that, because there was no one else here in the Netherlands who could find the answer. :rolleyes: -

The interface works, but I can't use the possibility to skip playlists.

Unfortunaly I'm not experienced with using a i pod (40G 3th Gen.).

Is there something special about the playlists ? Or do I have to change some settings in my I pod ?

Thanks for helping me out !


the Netherlands

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The stereo should treat your iPod as though it were a disk changer. Therefore you change playlist in the same way you would select a different disk with a disk changer connected. Some stereos use the number buttons and some use up and down arrows for disk selection. Not sure how the Toyota stereo does it.

The first five playlists on your ipod will be the five disks in the imaginary disk changer. So if you want to keep things organised on your ipod, only create 5 playlists. The imaginary sixth disk brings up a menu on the iPod to access other functions. But this is very fiddly, and you will end up ignoring it probably.

Hope that helps!

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I have a successful Ipod installation in my 2001 Avensis.

I have started with ITrip (for ipod mini) which is a tinny FM transmitter, but I was dissapointed, becouse music was frequiently disturbed by noises and other FM radios.

(It worked very well in Cuba, where there are almost no radio stations).

I changed to a casette adapter (sony) which worked much better.

Now I have bought a Connects2 solution which lets me controll the ipod from the wheel and factory radio. Available functions: skip, back, fforward, fbackward, power on, power off. It repalces the CD changer, and charges the Battery also.

When I change the radio to CD, the ipod powers on and starts playing. When I change to radio station, or the mobile phone mutes the sound, the ipod stops and powers off.

I have chosen this over the iceLink, becouse I wanted to controll the ipod also with the ipod itself, which is not easy with the icelink. It works really fine and does everithying what it should do in a really simple way.

The solution consists of two adapter boxes, the first (ATYS001) connets to the radio CD port and converts it to a Sony compatible CD changer port. The second connects to the first box, and converts the sony CD changer port into an Ipod dock connector.

Good luck!


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I guess my choice will also be Sony's Connects2 set, cose the IceLink connection is hard to get where I live (I need some insane logistics to put my hands on it and the cost of it will be quite high)

Now I am using a cassette adapter in my Avensis to listen to the ipod but the noise from the tape irritates me, also i don't like that digital to analog conversion.

ecser99, my question is for you:

How do you connect your ipod, is it trough the firewire/usb port to charge it and are you using a separate line out? Its too vague for me. I have a second generation ipod with firewire only and I am afraid if connects2 uses the usb it might not work for me.

Thanks in advance!


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Old post, but for other who would search the internet:

Toyota Avensis D-4D 2003 modell. with original equipt car stereo marked W53901.

Bought a Xcar Link for Ipod and Jack with the smal connector at ACB in Norway for NOK 890,-.

Easy to install, no extra adapter, and put it into the glove compartment.

Worked like a charm.

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