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How Much To Get Springs Fitted?


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I am looking at getting coilovers but cannot see it happening immediatly!

I keep spotting TTE spring cheap on ebay and was wondering how much it costs to have them fitted as i might be interested, as a quick fix!

Does anyone have any experience with the seller that keeps selling them on egay?

CB :thumbsup:

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Don't pay no more than £100, that includes fitting and wheel alignment.

I was quoted £95 for fitting and wheel alignment for mine, but I was only charged £90.

Some places wanted £140 +

Never used the seller of ebay so couldn't tell you.

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my gmax cost £40 all tracked and everything, but i have some connections with garages, so my fitting was cheap but the springs wernt cause i originally got them from a company called m8 autotech who went bust so i lost my money and didnt get any springs so i got them elsewhere but paid twice!!! bummer! :(

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I have also just purchased a set of tte springs!

was it from rmbteesside?

Could you PM me the contact details as they do not accept paypal and they have not replied to emails about payment!

Have you had yours fitted yet?

CB :thumbsup:

Contact Details are:

RMB Teesside Toyota.

Salesperson: Alan Metcalfe

Telephone: 01642 808000

Parts: 01642 808040

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