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massive tuning eh....do tell!

ah, it warms my heart when i hear of people holding onto their 'seos and having plans for them :D

I´m planning to get the x-racing bodykit that Matt has (I´ve contacted the company but I have some problems to get a material certificate, which I need to get the bodykit homologated for my car...).

I have already ordered new wheels (SMC Type D in 7x17, with Falken Tyres):


I´ve ordered also tainted Headlight covers and Taillight covers.

That´s what I want to do this year, the only problem is the money... :ffs:

Next few Years is coming: MTX Audio System, Recaro racing Seats, self made carbon or fiberglass interior (the complete dashboard, doorboards and the middle console), an engine conversation (maybe a 4E-FE or a 3S-GTE, a friend has put a 3s-GE into his starlet P7-and wants to have also a 3S-GTE, so he will know what to do...), brake conversation (rear brake from a Starlet GT, maybe front brake from a Merc E470... I have discs and calipers at home...), and some other interior mods like shortshifter and so on...

As I said, the only problem is the money, so its just a matter of time...

Here is the link to the starlet mod:EP 71

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well i suppose, i did the trip to oxford in 1hr 20mins....but that was at an average of 80-85mph, and a bit of a blockage at exit 13 - 15 on the m25 where heathrow is....you musta been speeding, tut tut :P

Me Speeding???? NEVER!!!!!!!! :lol:

probably 3/4's of the roads were national limits so it's doable.


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I'm around 256,000km no rebuild... doesn't need one, the only thing wrong with it is suspension related

same here!!! Car has done 255 K, and suspension was stuffed. Compression same as a starlet which has done 30 K !!!!!

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