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St202 - St205 Upgrade


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Hi All,

Recently I have been seriously toying with the idea of upgrading to a ST205 since they have fallen in price and the insurance for one is roughly the same as what I am paying now for my modified ST202.

Therefore I was looking at buying the ST205 before I sell my GT so I can transfer some of the modifications from my existing car.

The question I pose is... what can I take with me?

Obviously I can not take the suspension upgrades as these will not fit, and clearly all the interior mods will just be a straight swap, but I was wondering about things like the decat, powerflow back box, K&N induction kit. Would these be a straight fit on to a ST205?

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i would imagine the K&N would fit

Might not, the standard 205 dump valve attaches to the airbox along with the a couple of air lines. 205 induction kits come with a section of piping which removes the airbox and first intake bend and allows attachment of dump valve etc, so unless you switch to a aftermarket dump valve and have something to attach the air lines too it's not gonna work.

Also might not be the right rating filter bearing in mind it'll have a turbo sucking on it rather than just an engine. And with the easy potential of 300HP+ on the 205 I'd be a bit worried about putting a filter made for a NA engine on it. Got images of it being sucked through the engine.

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I hear that! Cheers for the comments.

I think I will just keep the leather interior and ICE and sell the rest as seen then save up all over again for the air filter/exaust etc...

When you get the four get your ***** over to GT4OC.net and join up, their a friendly bunch :group-cuddles:, and checkout the group buys loads of GT4 specific stuff with group and Club discounts. Should sort you out, and with the GT4 equivalent of the mods you've got at the moment + a boost controller you should be seeing clear of 300hp without any problems.

Which is nice :D

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21!!! holy hell how the hell do you get it that cheap. will be giving them a ring for sure.

I couldn't get insured for sh*t on any import car when I was that age. They are only starting to take a look at me now (24).

Cheers for the comments, think I will just take all the internal parts with me and the leather seats, if what you lot say is true.

I think it will be an expensive car to own if I have to get all the mods again (gotta do it) but hay, Celica's I love em, so don't have a problem spending all my hard earned cash on a beast like the FOUR.

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