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Brake On Hiace


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Have changed brake tubes on my -93 HiAce :) Need help / instructions on how to get air out of the 'rear' brake tube. I am not able :arrgg-matey: to get fluid throug the 'brake load regulator'.

Heeeeelp ! ...please, as I won't get my license plates back until this is done

-----Urgent ! -----

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If you simply jack the body up and remove the wheels you will operate the bias valve (the lighter the back the less pressure is allowed to the brakes), but if you put the back on some ramps, or jack up on the axle so that the load is still nominal you should be able to bleed the brakes quite normally. At least thats been my experience with cars fitted with load regulators.

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Thanks for your reply, Kelvyn

I have tried that without any luck. (On ramps, with engine running)

And also what I don't understand is; If I have a 'dual' brake system ending up in 1 tube then I don't have the security of a 'dual' system!

On the 'bias valve' there is a air nipple (same as on each wheel) I am able to get fluid here. Also there are 2 screews with nuts on this vale, buth I have not dared to touch these.

Any other suggestions ? ....

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Just looked at the brake line diagram on my EPC. See what you mean about a single pipe at the rear. It seems odd that they run 2 lines to the regulator then tee a single to the wheels.

You do still have a dual system though. Its a front /rear split rather than the normal diagonal split.

I'm at a loss with other ideas though, unless you need to fool the pressure regulator into believing the vehicle has a maximum load, perhaps by disconnecting the operating spring .

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