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Ohhhhhhhhhh *drooollllll


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Woooooo Hoooooo, today I was in my local car audio shop, and as I was walking back to KITT there was a man looking at her :D he said the usual "nice car you have there" then I looked over and saw that he had a

GEN 5 CONVERTABLE GT-R in black A VERY RARE CAR he paid £2500 and it was in OK nick. :group-cuddles: :group-cuddles: So I flyered him, we were chatting for an hour about our cars and TOC.

It made my day :thumbsup: sooooo hopefully we will see him on here. :thumbsup:

Thanks for listening.

And if thats not mad enough.... I am sat at the lights in KITT this bmw draws up next to me (going round a corner) puts his window down, sticks his tongue out, smiles at me, then waves and asks for my phone number, (to which I said I have forgotten what it was) :bye: and then drives off when the lights change.ehhhh whats going on lol.

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Yeah a red gt4 near me went for £800 :eek: it had one owner and FSH......I missed it by like 30 mins :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

But on the way to work I see a gen 5 convertable (its now garaged and covered)...annoys me that this bloke never even uses it just has it sat in his garage :ffs: ...why??????????? sell it to someone who would enjoy having it!

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Greetings one and all.. tis the owner of the said Black GT-R Convertable at the audio shop..

Nice forum you have here, better than the others I had found...    :D

Hello mate, :thumbsup: Welcome to TOC

and the Celica forum. I love your car.

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Hi mate.

Sorry to get straight to this but you got any piccy's

I'm reaaly interesting in having a look

I will take some tomorrow if you like.. wasnt going to do any until I had done all the work I want to do to it..

Its nothing special.. just a black GT-R with real wheel stear and all the other bits and bobs that come with one..

*gutted as have to wash it again* he he

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