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I need to go gold (but I don't want to have to change my user account) as I've got an expensive buy coming up soon. Does anyone have Steve's email address so I can find out how to do it??

If I go to the link at the top of the forum, it asks for a new user name etc!!

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click the link on my sig if ya wanna sign up!

If I do will my posts go back to 0 again?? It's taken me ages to get that many! LOL

no the Gold form and this one are on different websites so each one is kinda seperate and both have seperate message counters :thumbsup:

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I got a little confused with this.........just treat it as a completely different forum, however you can use the same details!

You need to setup a username and password to be able to view the site, and then you need to create your own username and password to log onto the forum.

Im sure your work it out......and congrates for going gold :thumbsup: !

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Click on one of the links for signing up. Then register for the gold forum in the same way you would for any other forum.. you don't need the same useer name and password you have here.. although you can if you want to.. your choice in the end.

(click the link in my sig ;) )

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