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Fair Price For A Respray?


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:crybaby::crybaby: I have just pranged my 97 ST and need to take to a garage I expect the fos wing needs to be pulled slightly and the bumper filed down and resprayed near the o/s/f light.

I am guessing around £200-£300 for my lack of attention! but does anyone have any idea of what sort of price is involved for a 'touch up' repsray whislt I am there??? :eek::eek:

I have a few stone chips and usual light scratches for a car of its age, but I do wax and polish most weeks (Macguires) so I do look after her.

I understand I will need to pay but would like to ensure I am not taken for a ride in the process.

The colour is Black


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Mate of mine had his car touched up for about 500 quid, cash in hand to have both doors and a few scratches on the bumpers sorted, so I would think it should be around that if you do it on the books.

Hope this helps :) :thumbsup:


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:thumbsup: Cheers Tom B, goes to show asking can save you money!

I took it to a local garage who did a fantastic job on respray and pulling wing, plus touching up other dings and polishing...............all for £110.00.

I didn't get a VAT receipt...is it worth asking for one Ha Ha???

cheers for all the info

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