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Avensis 1.8 Gls Mk 1


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Hi i'm a taxi driver and have been driving an Avensis for my trade for the last three and a half years.

This wonderful car has just done 210k and i have only had to replace the clutch (at 190k ! no kidding!) the ignition switch which just simply worn and few little items like bushes, although more recently a lath shaft in the gearbox.

This car has been so reliable i have told many a people to but one, but now i face a dilemma. I now want (or in 6-10 months) a diesel as this baby will not last forever and i would love a new Avensis d4d however the prices seem a little steep so i was thinking of changing to a V.W Passat Tdi 130.

What i want to know is has anyone had any experience with passats? any problems? they are equally a well built car but at the moment especially with the new passat just launched the older shape prices are spot on. Thoughts?

P.s Would love another Avensis though

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Had an Avensis, had a lexus then a Passat TDi. Sold it in six months and am now driving a Toyota again.

Does that give it away?

It was in fact the most un-reliable car i've had so far. Nothing but electrical problems. It was worst than my Citroens. Air bag computer failed, then the engine ECU failed. ££££££££

Obviously, alot of reliability issues have been sorted on them now. It was good to drive and quick.

Make of that what you will, because everyones opinion will differ based on their personal experiences. I'm sticking with Toyota from now on however.

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