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Fitting Seat Cover


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I just bought my first car from a dealer, and it is the avensis 1.6 hatch, w reg, pre-vvti. All is fine until my wife saw the amount of dirt and dog hair the previous owner/owners left on the seats (the dealer suppose to do a profession valet on it, typical crap here). we got a baby and a toddlers so, that is defintely not idea. so our solution is to vacumn it out as much as possible and get a new sets of seat covers.

then, i notice that most of seatcovers has warning on them that they shouldn't be installed on seats with air bags. the avensis manual seems to indicate that this is the case, but is that so for my model? will the cover interfere with the airbags deployment? any comments/advice here?

thanks in advance.

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If your seats say Airbag on them, and you manual says not to fit them then that's your question answered me thinks.

More to the point, you should get them to clean it properly. You shouldn't need seat covers to spoil the look of the interior.

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I'm sure you will have side airbags. To check this open drivers door look down where the dial is for the seat if its got srs airbag the cars has side airbags. Hope this help.

thanks guys, but i have decided not to risk it and spend last weekend with crawling around with adhesive tapes to remove the furs and truly vacumn it up good.

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