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The 'Moulding weather strip' on my drivers side has started to come off and I am getting a lot of wind noise. This is the rubber door seal that keeps everything from coming around the windows into the car (technical jargon here).

So I rang my main dealer who was very helpful.

Can you guess the price though for a rubber strip to replace mine.

£77 + VAT

Yup, I said £77 + VAT.

Can you adam & eve that.....?

Thats the cost of a tyre....

Nuts, better start selling the big issue :help: Or you could all help by generously sending 1 quid to: 'the help gordy buy a stupid bit of rubber appeal'.

I thank you........


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Nah, I charge loads more for a pic. :P :P

Still can't justify that for a dum bit of rubber.

help gordy buy a stupid bit of rubber appeal @ overpriced inanimite objects.com

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i had to replace the moulding that bolts over the base of the windscreen, on to the scuttle. basically, it's a bit of tin, with a rubber seal at the end!

£96 + VAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:

the windscreen was only £95 inc VAT!!

the most depressing thing was, i had no choice but to pay it! :crybaby:

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