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Number Plate Slogans


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I know its a bit sad, but the good ones always make me smile.........you know, the little line of text that some people have printed at the bottom of their number plates.

I used to have "move over, its playtime....." on an old modified car of mine.

Any favourites?

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When we got Millys supra, Before I removed the stuck on guages, the Neons, and all the stickers, the original number plates were ina highly illegal curvy font...

The one on the back read "Limited to 300bhp, please pass----->"

the one on the front read "Taxed, tested and insured, go and catch some real criminals"

Now been replaced with legal fonts and a plain and simple "Lady Karma"

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yari has toyotaownersclub on it :D

but my old car had....you've been funked because everyone said my car was funky,so it got named funky :lol:

i did get pulled my the police for it though, got the volvo traffic car lights an all !!

they said i had to change them as older people could think it read fu***d

i argued it said funked and told them if older people could not read they should not be driving :lol:

anyway i got new plates <_<

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I've got plans for mine as soon as I can find somewhere that does what I want, just football related though, nothing special.

I know a lad who had a scooter when he was 16 & that had "my other toy's got !Removed!" on it, using a different last word which I'm sure every1 can guess.

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I was gonna have:


But then I thought I'd get harrassed by all those 1.4's, 1.5's (Kimi, Earpl, Lee etc) out there or even big scary 1.6's :P

and also the slogan was hypocritical because i've got points now :D

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Im gonna get a fresh set of plates for the mk1 - not that you can see the front one anyway - but they are cracked - so im gonna have

'The original and the best' put on it  :P  ;)

** waits for flaming from mk2 owners!  :rolleyes:

I have owned two mk2s and a rather nice mk1 ;) ... the mk1 is far more fun!!!!

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