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Painting Calipers & Hubs...


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I'm thinking about painting my brake calipers and wheel hubs. I know I'm gonna need some proper stuff for the calipers because of the heat generated (any recommendations?) and was thinking of doing them in red (the car is a Thunder Grey Celica Gen7).

But I was also thinking of doing the wheel hubs, because you can see them through the alloys and the back ones especially are just rust coloured, which looks rubbish. I don't want to paint these red (too overpowering) but maybe go for silver instead, but would I need to use something like caliper paint again, or could I go for something cheaper like smooth hammerite? I doubt the hubs are gonna get hot enough to warrant using expensive heat resistant paint are they?

Has anyone else done this, and is hammerite a good choice or can anyone think of a better product.

Many Thanks - Big Sid

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Dulux household paint takes some beating, this in Royal Blue, as used on my front door, it can be painted on wood or metal, so ideal on calipers, it gives a great gloss finish, and stands up well to a bit of heat.


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use the proper stuff halfrauds or any decent car accessory store sell it.

i did mine in silver but they also do red and blue.

personally dont like the idea of putting gloss paint on extremely hot surfaces but then again ive never been into this pyromania habit :D

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