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Dashboard Lights Staying On


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Went to see an MKII MR2 and the car was pretty spot on, the only problem other than a sticking front calliper was that all the dash lights stayed on, the guy says it had done it a couple of times before.

Any ideas, is it a major problem or just something silly

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Not sure! Do you literally mean everthing i.e. indicators, P/S light ABS etc. You could try taking the dashboard out and cleaning the connections. While you're at it examine the circuit tracks on the back of the dashboard for damage, there could be a short/damaged circuit somewhere causing all the lights to come on.

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Yeh m8, its al the warning lights etc.

Like you say i’m more inclined to think it’s just a problem with the circuitry on the dash rather than a major fault.

But as I'm a complete novice when it comes to MR2's/Toyota's I was wondering if it was a known fault.

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That's ok we were all novices once :)

I haven't heard that it's a common problem, but others might know better....

You could have some water behind the dash - perhaps a leak from somewhere that is effecting the electrics.

I would definately remove the dash sooner rather than later, just to see if there is anything untoward behind.

It's not too hard a job, you don't have to remove the steering wheel (certaintly not on the cars with tilt adjustment), just the various plastic panels around the dash which are either held on by clips or screws. It's all quite obvious when you start doing it, but if something seems stuck, check there aren't any screws you've missed!!

Good Luck :)

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