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Fitting A Rev Counter To A Yaris


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i have bought a rev counter from a dealer.

and tryed fitting it myself.

after looking around.

someone told me it is impossible to fit the rev counter onto the yaris.

without a converter.

because it has a dis system.

so i bought a converter from auto meter.

9117 tach adapter.

and had it fitted to the car.

when i went to pick up the car.

the person said that the coils on the top of the plugs are not pulling enougth juice.

to make the tach adapter work properly.

i just wanted to know if anybody has ever come across this problem.

or if they can recommend me a good rev counter that i can fit without any problem.


any help is better then nothing.


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there is the signal from the ECU for rev. It's a black wire with silver stripe on it. My car is Japan made and my ECU position may be different from yours. Someone from forum will help u for sure. It's quite simple to install. I will make a quick search and if I find smthing, will post again.



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