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I'm new here, and it's a nice forum you have. :thumbsup: I hope you will be able to give me a few answers to some questions I have. :)

I've just bought a celica ST183, 20th Anniversary limited edition model. I believe there were only 1000 of these made in Japan?

Anyway, I bought it with an engine knock... and the engine blew up on the journey home - no surprise! :bye:

I've allready had the car keyed down the WHOLE Nearside of the car from the rear quarter all the way down to the front bumper. :censor:

I've had the car for 3 weeks now, and it is an amazing car. It has so many extra's which are:

Electric lumbar support in seats

Electric folding wing mirrors

Electric wing mirrors

Electric sunroof

Airconditioning/climate control

4 Wheel steering

TEMS- Toyota electronic suspension... amongst other things. :)

I also think the 20th anniversary models had the same front bumper as the GT4 model? Does anybody know the approximate cost of a GT4 bonnet?

Anyway, I'm just getting ready to fit the new engine soon, but I need advice firstly. :)

It has the 3SGE engine... how much do these usually sell for, and where is the best place to purchase one from?

Here's a few pictures which I took today, freshly polished up. :) I think it has suade seats - see picture below. Am I right in thinking the suade seats where only in the 20th anniversary model? :help:








Also, can you get HKS superdraggers or any Blitz exhausts for these, as I'm after one preferbly second hand sometime in the future.


-Elliot :bye:

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Thanks for the welcome and comment. :)

I did originally buy the car to just fit a new engine, and sell it on... but it's a gorgeous colour as I haven't seen another Gen 5 in this colour... and I also didn't know they had so many extra's. :) I've allready got attached to the car. :group-cuddles:

There is 1 problem at the moment though. It is parked next to my neighbours house which has the scaffolding up... as he's having the new bricks put up for the next 2 weeks. It was parked against the wall on the other side, but the old woman kept moaning at me and telling me to shift it or else she would get her son on me. :wacko: The car is declearn as sorn untill I get the new engine fitted, so I can't get it in my back garden as it has to go up a slight brew and it would have to be pushed, and it can't go at the side of the road either as it isn't taxed. :( I asked the builder if I could park it there, and he said that he wouldn't like it to get damaged, as a brick could fall on it when they are putting the new ones on... but I can't see how as it's quite a way off the wall.

Anyway, once it's up in 2 weeks... I'll be able to park it closer to the wall, but I just hope it doesn't get damaged. :(


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Good afternoon and welcome to Toc and the Celica forum.

GT-Rs are the best. My engine blew up due to me not putting Oil into her silly woman that I am. but I got a low mileage one from Fensports for under £500 and she is running perfectly :thumbsup: no problems what so ever just a quick swap straight in (yes I did help but my own engine back in) :lol:

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